At a Glance: Arrow – S06 E17

So long, Daughter of the Demon – A quick review of “The Thanatos Guild.”

This review is primarily focused on A-Plot. “At a Glance” reviews will not receive FE shot ratings.

After almost two seasons of little involvement, Thea Queen, played by Willa Holland, finally gets the arc that brings her time on The CW’s Arrow to an end.

In the last episode, Miss Queen and Roy Harper, played by Colton Haynes, finally reunited after saving him from the third (ish?) villain of the season.

The gang’s plan in this episode was to give her a going away party. Oliver, played by Stephen Amell, wished her well and graced her with his blessing to leave Star City.

After the party, while on their way out of the city, Thea and Roy are attacked by an assassin. They barely make it out alive as Nyssa al Ghul, played by Katrina Law, returns in epic fashion to save them.

She explains that the League of Assassins has been reborn under a new name, and they want Thea.

The Review – At a Glance

Throughout the episode, Thea has difficulty dealing with, well, everything. At first, she admits that she wants nothing to do with the guild, and they can have whatever they want.

During more than one of the team meetings in the lair, Thea walks away because she simply cannot figure out what she wants. This also leads Roy to believe that there may not be room for him in her life.

Later, an epic confrontation ensues at a factory. Thea gets away with no more than a bruised rib, but realizes that she enjoyed it. After a second confrontation, dear ol’e Speedy gets a nasty slice on the cheek. Even still, she reveals to Roy that this may be her mission in life.

Don’t forget, Nyssa is still married to Oliver. It leads to some hilarious moments between her and Felicity, played by Emily Bett Rickards. It seems that Nyssa goes out of her way to make Felicity feel as awkward as possible. This comedic presence lightened the mood on an otherwise dark and emotional episode.

I wish I could say Thea will be missed, but she hasn’t been very relevant for a while now. Only in the last two episodes has she taken on the hood and mask again. Before that, she just made quick appearances in the Mayor’s office.

This is a side note, but honestly, how does a failing high school student go on to be a successful nightclub owner, mayoral campaign manager, and city official? Can I be her? I want to be her.

This episode of Arrow definitely taps into the heart of the long-time fans of the DCTV Universe. With any luck, we’ll get some sort of spin-off comic or web series that catches up with her.

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Quick Facts (From IMDB)

Arrow – S06 E17

Rating: TV-14

Director: Joel Novoa

Writer: Beth Schwartz, Ben Sokolowski

Starring: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes, Katrina Law

Running Time: 42m

Genre: Action/Adventure/Crime


Image Credit: Arrow — Image Number: ARR_S4_FIRST_LOOK_V4 — Pictured: Stephen Amell as The Arrow — Photo: JSquared Photography/The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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